2019 Presenter Application

Do you have the Grit, Glam, & Guts to inspire the next generation of leaders? Or a passion to provide practical information to change the life of teen girls? If so, Grit, Glam, & Guts is waiting on you!
Please complete the application below to be considered as a workshop presenter. 



MENTAL HEALTH  - The goal of this session is to define mental health clearly and concisely and illustrate how it shows up in the lives of teens. It should explore the importance of mental health, what environmental factors contribute to our mental health as well as maintaining, improving and checking our mental health. Students should walk away with a better understanding of mental health and practical tools to navigate their mental health journey.


BEAUTY INSIDE -  This session tackles discovering what true beauty is – to be fully and uniquely you! Ideally the session will be two fold-  what our society defines as beauty compared to how we measure our beauty. Simultaneously the session would address the characteristics of true beauty such as teens unique personalities and interests, as well as kindness, compassion, respect, and love and how this can shape our self esteem, relationships, and experiences.




NUTRITIONIST – Nutrition effects our overall health- how we feel, how we think, what we look like…essentially how we show up in the world. This session will help students understand the role of diet in their everyday lives. It will clearly illustrate why having a healthy lifestyle is single handedly, one of the most important characteristics of living the best life possible.